Case study

ReciGroc - Fighting with Product waste around the globe


- Develop a user-friendly service that enables both users and administrators to create recipes effortlessly.
- Present the recipes in a simple format, attach groceries as ingredients, place orders.
- Integrate ChatGpt for recipe & images generation
- Integrate a payment processor
- Display expenses and revenue for a specific timeframe


- Laravel, Livewire, MySql & PHP
- Template Design
- Youtube and Google ADS Marketing.
- Stripe


Easy to use website with functional admin and mailing system. 100+ unique pages on Google Search.

The details

Taking a closer look

Website Elements and Components


Showcase the recipes

In collaboration with the client, we have made the decision to present the recipes in a straightforward and sophisticated manner. This includes using clear images of the products and prominently displaying key information within a recipe box.


Groceries as Ingredients

The company's business model revolves around selling groceries for the showcased recipes. To facilitate customer convenience, we have strategically placed the ingredients in multiple locations, making it easy for customers to review and place orders if needed.

Product growth

Chat GPT

Our client's main objective is to attract investments for the company. To make the product stand out, we introduced the idea of incorporating ChatGpt, a feature that can generate recipes using any given ingredients. Implementing this feature only took 5 days, but it has proven to be a game changer. Customers are actively using it on a daily basis, significantly enhancing the overall usage of the app.


Checkout Page

To help our client get more sales, we've made the checkout page really simple. On average, it only takes customers about 50 seconds to complete their purchase.

Stripe Integration

Our service wouldn't be complete if customers couldn't pay for their products. That's why we've added Stripe, a highly efficient and secure payment processor, to make sure everything goes smoothly.


Product Profitability (Example)

To streamline website management, we have developed an admin panel that enables managers to efficiently create, update, and delete various entities such as recipes, groceries, users, categories, stock, and other relevant fields.

Additionally, we have incorporated a reporting feature that allows for generating reports on performance, profitability, stock levels, user activity, product rankings, and other important parameters. This feature provides valuable insights for effective decision-making.

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