What exactly?


We can create, update, improve and set up next type of services:





Content Management Systems (CMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, ERP, POS, FMS, HMRS, SCM, and more.
To integrate one of those templates, we need only a database and a plan.




We provide a variety of ready-to-use templates and personalized designs to enhance the launch of your product and facilitate fast sales.
The benefit of working with us and not shopify (or any other services), is that there are no monthly payments. The website is forever yours.

Also, our websites are super-fast (under 1 sec loading time) which gives a great advantage when running Google Ads, which makes the campaigns cheaper and can rank your website as #1 in the results

Simple pages

Services & Events

We have prepared a diverse collection of designs suitable for showcasing different types of activities. These designs include photo demonstrations, contact forms, helpful links, blogs, and more, ensuring a comprehensive display of the services the company provides.



Once the website is created, we make sure to spread awareness of its existence to a wider audience. To achieve this, we employ various marketing campaigns such as Google Search, YouTube Ads, Display Campaigns, Shopping Ads, Brand Awareness campaigns, Competition Targeting, and more. We utilize multiple tools to ensure that our clients' budgets are not wasted, aiming for the right audience and cost-effective acquisition of customers.


Visit Cards

We can make web pages that work like contact cards with a form and important details. We can also make a special code (QR code) that you can put on a card, and when the code is scanned, it will take to the webpage.



Stripe Integration

Our service wouldn't be complete if customers couldn't pay for their products. That's why we've added Stripe, a highly efficient and secure payment processor, to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Product growth

AI & ChatGPT

We've been using AI tools like ChatGPT in our projects, and they've helped us work faster and better. We can create high quality content that's entertaining to use. For instance, a lot of the recipes and pictures @recigroc are made by AI. A tool to generate recipes: