Case study


Online traffic course for speed and other driving rules violation.


- Develop an application with an easy-to-use interface for admins to create and modify questions and instructions.
- Implement a system that can analyze user answers and assign points based on their responses.
- Allow admins to create and edit questions along with multiple answer choices.
- Enable the system to evaluate user answers and allocate points accordingly.


Web Development & Website Design. Marketing and youtube campaigns. SEO


The website features a user-friendly system that enables easy creation of instructions and tests.
Additionally, the website provides reporting capabilities for tracking and analyzing the results of the courses. Furthermore, it facilitates the submission of course completion details to the DVLA authority.
This website serves as a helpful tool for customers to fulfill their mandatory course requirements effectively and efficiently.


The details

Taking a closer look

Website Elements and Components



The website provides users with detailed information about the course content, helping them understand what to expect throughout the learning process. Users can conveniently study driving rules in an easy and interactive manner, making the learning experience engaging and accessible. The website employs interactive elements and user-friendly interfaces to ensure that users can review and reinforce their knowledge of driving rules effectively.



Testing the knowledge

To ensure users' engagement and comprehension, a simple quiz is incorporated at the end of each chapter. This approach encourages users to actively participate and prevents them from skipping important sections. By taking the quiz, users can assess their understanding of the course material and reinforce their learning. The quizzes serve as checkpoints, helping users gauge their progress and reinforcing key concepts covered in each chapter.




Marketing plays a crucial role in ensuring the sustainability and viability of a business. To attract a larger customer base, we have developed dedicated single pages where new potential customers are directed after clicking on our Google Search or YouTube ads. These pages are designed to provide concise and easily understandable information about the course, maximizing the chances of conversion. By presenting the information in a straightforward manner, we aim to increase the conversion rate and capture the interest of potential customers efficiently.

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